Tuesday, November 22, 2016

June 30, 2029

I can retire in 12.5 years! June 30, 2029 could be my last day as a public school employee. It could be. It might not be.

It blows my mind to even think of such a thing. You see, 12.5 years isn't very long. There is so much to do.

As I reflect on how much things have changed in the last 12.5 years, I can't even begin to imagine what the next 12.5 years will bring. I was 31 years old just 12.5 years ago. I will be (gulp) 56 on June 30, 2029.

In the last 12.5 years, I feel like public education has improved dramatically. We've added much more meaningful early childhood programming. We've added more dual credit opportunities in high schools. We've begun career academies and work certification programming in high schools. Before and after school programs have been added. Internships and job shadow opportunities have really ramped us as well.

What will the next 12.5 years bring? What will social media look like in 2029? How rampant will mental health issues be? Will we have more people living in poverty? Will schools be asked to do even more than we're doing now? Will school funding mechanisms change?

There are many unknowns. However, I know that I intend to enjoy the ride. I intend to work harder than ever. I intend to try to make more connections with students, staff, and patrons.

12.5 years ago, I was taking my young children to school activities and teaching Jeb and Bo how to add and subtract by using scoreboards in gyms. In 2029, I might be doing that with grandchildren!

I do look forward to June 30, 2029 but....there is much to do between now and then!

Go Dukes!

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