Thursday, May 28, 2015

Busy Summer Ahead for YPS

School has only been out a week and we are battening down the hatches for a busy summer around YPS.

* The FREE Lunch Program begins on June 1st and ends on July 10th. It will run from Noon - 1:00 Monday through Friday at York Elementary School. Everyone between the ages of 1-18 can eat free. These will be delicious lunches with a main entree, fruits, vegetables, dessert, and milk. Adults can eat for $3.50. This is a federally funded program that we've had in place for four years now.

* Minor facility projects will take place at YES, YMS, and YHS this summer. New carpet will be installed at the elementary and some concrete repairs will be made, as well as some cabinetry work in the media center. The gym floor at YMS will be re-sanded, re-painted, and re-sealed. The high school will have some window replacements done, some music room improvements, new carpet in the theater, new doors in the theater commons, as well as some locker room enhancements.

* We have BOOST and ALL-STARS academic programming that run from June 1st through July 10th at YES and YMS and we expect over 90 students daily in this grant funded program. They will take some field trips and have lots of hands-on experiences this summer!

* We have 12 students that will be attending "Bright Lights" programming in Lincoln throughout June and July.

* We have 15 students that will be in our first ever "Entrepreneurship Academy" in mid-July.

* Drivers' Education is taking place throughout the summer at YHS.

* The month of June will serve as credit recovery time for summer school at the Enrichment Center.

* As always, there will be plenty of athletic camps, leagues, etc. as well.

It's going to be a busy and prosperous summer! GO DUKES!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Year is Done

The 2014-15 school year is officially done today. This past school year has been full of ups and downs, smiles and tears, and tragedies and triumphs. I will remember fondly the Class of 2015 and all of the great things they achieved. I'm excited for the Class of 2016 and beyond as well. Our school system has tremendous kids, dedicated and talented staff, and supportive parents and community.

One of the best things about working in education is the fact you get to compartmentalize when you want to. Each quarter can be a brand new beginning for you if you want. Each semester is an opportunity to re-invent yourself. Obviously, each school year is another chance to start over. I always find myself limping to 'the finish line' each May. It is a grind that wears you out physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My compartmentalization begins each June 1st. That's the day that the "new year" begins in my mind. I will spend some time reflecting on the past year but most of my efforts will turn to the upcoming school year. This June will be no different. August will be here before we know it so it is time to re-charge the personal batteries, make some strategic improvements, and prepare for a phenomenal 2015-16.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

The GOLDEN APPLE is a Great Tradition at YPS

The "Golden Apple" is given each August to a special teacher. In order to receive the "Golden Apple," a teacher has to be nominated by their colleagues. A selection committee of the past five winners then gets together to select the newest recipient. We will award the next Golden Apple on August 10th. Thanks to the York News-Times for furnishing this award and making it a special moment each year.

Check out recent winners down below.

Past Winners
2014 Ross Wolstenholm
2013 Gene Fischer
2012 Judy Hannon
2011 Dave Ciccone
2010 Diane Dey
2009 Tom Budler
2008 Curtis Forsch, YMS / YHS
2007 Barb Shelden, YES
2006 Audrey Samuelson, YES
2005 Nancy Bellows, YES
2004 Chris Holder, YHS
2003 Greg Adams, YHS
2002 Ruth Koch, YMS
2001 Lori Hamling, YES
2000 Sheila Hubbard, YES
1999 Kathy Ohlsen, YMS
1998 Joe Berry, YHS
1997 Mike Lucas, YHS
1996 Lori Beebe, YMS
1995 Marilyn Kienker, YMS
1994 Darcy McBride, YHS
1993 Susan Cox, YMS
1992 Jane Hough, Lincoln
1991 Dale Kahla, YHS
1990 Jan Hedrick, YMS
1989 Marge Edwards, Willard
1988 Toni Hess, Willard/Edison
1987 Don Keelan-White, YHS
1986 Gene Robb, YMS
1985 Merrilee Roemmich, Lincoln
1984 Ralph Brumbaugh, YHS
1983 Verna Wolfe, Willard

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ball Field Complex Update

Ball Field Complex Update – May 2015

This is meant to update our patrons on the progress being made towards a ballpark complex coming to York. A timeline, budget, and closing thoughts are included for your review.


• Summer 2014
o The City of York conducted a “community survey” that showed nearly 80% of our citizens were in favor of an increase in sales tax for infrastructure and recreation improvements

• August 2014
o The City of York and York Public Schools joined together under an inter-local agreement to work on securing a quiet zone and ball field complex for the citizens of York

• September-October 2014
o An informational blitz took place as “Improve York” committee members worked to inform patrons about the proposed ½% sales tax and how its revenue could be used to improve our infrastructure and recreational opportunities

 Patrons were told the projected revenue for this extra ½% sales tax would equal over $1 million annually and that the ball field and quiet zone projects would be bonded out for 20-25 years so that the City and School District could use the additional revenue to do many other smaller projects over the next two decades (it has since been decided the bond will last 20 years instead of 25 years)

 Patrons were informed of the financial impact this ½% sales tax would have on them
• If a $100 purchase is made, the ½% sales tax will cost an added 50 CENTS
• If a $500 purchase is made, the ½% sales tax increase will cost $2.50
• If a $1,000 purchase is made, the ½% sales tax increase will cost $5.00

 Patrons were also informed that NOT ALL purchases are subject to the extra ½%
• Types of Items that are charged Sales Tax: personal property purchases, prepared food, retail purchases, etc.
• Types of Items that ARE NOT charged Sales Tax: groceries, agricultural/farm purchases, prescription medicine, medical treatment, etc.

 Public Forums were held on September 24, October 6, and October 23 with a total of about 30 guests in attendance

 Committee members also published information in the York News-Times, presented at service club meetings, and put out fact sheets around town for patrons to see

• November 4, 2014
o The extra ½% sales tax was successful in the election

• December 8, 2014
o Another public forum was held to discuss ideas, needs, and wants for the ball field complex. Most of the 36 folks in attendance pushed for a complex that had 6-8 ball fields

• January – April 2015
o Lots of pre-planning, pre-design, and cost estimating took place

o Outside studies were conducted that showed an 8-field complex was the best thing to do as it met current and future needs

o Potential locations were considered and the city-owned land south of the Aquatic Center was decided upon

o April 1st – the extra ½% sales tax went into effect on some purchases

o An “Open House” was held on April 23rd at the Holthus Convention Center to show off the plan design, hear concerns from patrons, etc. The vast majority of comments made were extremely supportive of this project.

o The inter-local committee made up of four city council members and two school board members worked hard to ensure that all of the promises made during the fall prior to the election would be kept as we move forward

As with most projects, the cost has crept up higher than was anticipated. Important items like erosion control and electrical were much more expensive than first thought. Below is a break-down of the estimated costs for the complex. Final budgeted numbers will be available before construction begins in June. April 2016 is when the facility is scheduled to be completed.

• Grading and Erosion Control $791,100
• Storm Sewer $189,850
• Driveways/Parking $789,166
• Concrete Walkways/Pads $258,815
• Site Utilities (waste/waste water) $465,482
• Site Electrical $1,386,000
• 8-Fields for baseball/softball $1,490,506
• Amenities $1,566,919
• Contingency $350,000
• Bonds/Issuance/General Conditions $358,492

We’ve heard from many, many folks that are very excited about this project. We’ve also heard a few rumblings from some that think the cost is too high. We understand and appreciate all points of view. We’ve tried to be very transparent throughout this entire process and will continue to do so. The extra ½% sales tax revenue of over $1 million per year will also go towards funding a position to keep this new ball field complex in great shape, oversee scheduling, etc. When all is said and done and this bond expires in 20 years, York will have generated over $23 million for recreation and infrastructure with the vast majority of the funds going to numerous other projects yet to be determined.

Some are concerned that this ball field money could have been used for “this” or “that.” However, it is important to remember that the ball field complex and quiet zone were on the ballot this past November. Those were the two large ticket items that have been brought up by patrons for years. It was these two projects that were approved by the voters. It is these two projects that will be the first completed as promised to the patrons.

We feel the economic impact of this complex will be wonderful for our community. This complex will provide outstanding recreational opportunities for our children. We appreciate the support of our patrons. As always, feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Congratulations York FFA & Skills USA for an Outstanding Job at State

We are so blessed to have outstanding students and sponsors at YPS. Look at the amazing list below that shows how awesome our kids did at recent State FFA and Skills USA Events. GO DUKES!

Proficiency Award

Small Animal Care and Production
Brody Garner – District Gold
Silver State Merit Award

Grain Production
Tonya Grotz – District Gold,
Gold-Finalist State Merit Award,
3rd Overall at State

Swine Production
Rebekah Turnbull – District Gold
Silver State Merit Award

Diversified Horticulture
Rebekah Turnbull – District Gold
Bronze State Merit Award

LSE – Leadership Skills

Literacy Speaking
Lauren Kaliff - State Finalist,
and 1st Overall State Gold Medalist

Discovery Speaking
Hailee Pohl-
3rd Overall State Gold Medalist

Creed Speaking
Genevieve Tonniges-
State Silver Medalist

Jr. Public Speaking
Leon Linhart-
State Bronze Medalist

Extemporaneous Speaking
Tonya Grotz - State Finalist and
4th Overall State Gold Medalist

Natural Resource Speaking
Allison Riley-
State Gold Medalist

Job Interview
Catie Bergen - State Finalist and
2nd Overall Gold Medalist

Jr. Parliamentary Procedure Team
Paige Cradick, Sam Redfern,Lauren Riley, Madison Harcrow, Gage Sinsel, Tenly Hansen, and Holly Rockenbach
9th Place State Team

CDE – career development

Biotech 2nd Place
Braden Knight 6th
Grant Suddarth Tied 10th
Ethan Cradick 14th
Dacia Stuhr 17th

Ag Sales 3rd Place
Braden Knight Tied 9th
Gage Sinsel Tied 15th
Jesse Hoblyn Tied 31st
Jayden Vanderheiden 39th

Veterinary Science 3rd Place
Josie Lee Tied 5th
Tenly Hansen Tied 6th
Camryn Wiens Tied 19th
Sam Reorda Tied 20th

Natural Resources 7th Place
Ethan Cradick Tied 6th
Brody Garner Tied 14th
Josh Garner Tied 18th
Teagan Thorell Tied 19th

Agriscience 4th Place
Nicole Mittman 5th
Simon Otte 6th
Holly Rockenbach Tied 31st
Sydney Samson Tied 39th

Agronomy Tied 47th
Simon Otte Tied 37th
Braden Knight Tied 44th
Aaron Norquest Tied 75th
Damon Kaliff

Floriculture 32nd
Rebekah Turnbull 44th
Sam Redfern 89th
Paige Cradick
Holly Rockenbach

Skills USA

State Only Job Interview
Genevieve Tonniges - 1st Place

Medical Terminology
Josie Lee - 12th place,
Alyssa Arndt -17th place,
Payton DeMers-Sahling - 20th Place

Allie Kopcho - 5th Place (Tie),
Rebekah Turnbull - 5th Place (Tie)

Basic Health Care
Tonya Grotz - 7th Place,
Taylor Hansen - 10th Place

First Aid/CPR
Madison Harcrow - 3rd Place

Medical Assistance
Josh Garner - 2nd Place

Allison Woods - 5th Place

Job Skill Demonstration Open
Evan Pohl -5th Place,
Teagan Thorell- 5th Place,
Garrett Rediger- 9th Place

Job Interview
Paige Cradick - 1st (Nat’l Qualifier)
Sam Redfern - 8th place,
Alyssa Arndt -12th Place

Fire Fighting
Leon Linhart - 9th Place,
Hayden Turner - 11th place

Crime Scene Investigation
Team 1 - 3rd place,
(Avery Fernau, Carter Fernau, Jarrett Samson)

Team 2 - 8th place,
(Hayley Burke, Ryen Diaz, Tayte Hansen) –

Team 3 - 12th place
(Paige Cradick, Riley Osentowski, Paul Holmes)