Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Greatest Country in the World

Please take some time on/around July 4th to sit back and appreciate how wonderful it is to be an American. We enjoy so many freedoms and luxuries that we often take them for granted. Right this very second, brave military men and women are stationed all over the world to protect us. I am sitting in an air-conditioned office listening to country music on Pandora while many are sacrificing in desert heat wondering if they'll make it home to hug their kids and family again. Our military folks are our real heroes. Not sports stars, musicians, or actors. America isn't perfect but we all need to stop for a minute and be appreciative for the lives and opportunities we have. Happy Birthday to the United States of America!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Summer

It has been a busy and productive summer so far for YPS. We just wrapped up a great week of "Summer Learning Academies" where 40 students participated in hands-on learning experiences at YMS. Summer School is half-way done. We have students attending "Bright Lights" workshops in Lincoln this week. We're averaging over 50 free student lunches each day as part of our USDA grant-funded "free lunch program." Our high school student-athletes are busy in the weight room, open gyms, camps, etc. The renovation and addition project at the high school is also picking up momentum as a lot of interior work is being done this month. June has been busy for sure!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wrestling Coaches' Hall of Fame

Dave Ciccone and Wes Tonniges, both of whom have long and storied histories working with wrestlers, were inducted into the Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame during a banquet last Saturday night in Grand Island. Both men were nominated by Shannon Gocke, himself a former YHS wrestler who went on to be a longtime coach of the Dukes. Congratulations to Coach Ciccone and Coach Tonniges on this wonderful honor. The York Dukes program has been lucky to have you be such an integral part of our wrestling community. Go Dukes!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

YHS Project

The renovation and addition project at YHS is underway. In early June, sub-contractors began carpet removal, electrical work, and other phases of the project. By June 25th, the project will be in full swing with much interior work going on throughout the 128,000 square foot facility.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lots going on within YPS

There are lots of positive things going on throughout the school district this month. Below is a sampling of what we have to keep students and staff busy. 1) Our USDA grant funded "free lunch" program has been up and running since May 22nd. We have served 379 student meals for an average of just over 47 per day. This program runs in the Legion Building where HeadStart is down by Chances "R." Meals are served Monday-Friday during June from 11:30-12:30. 2) Our "BOOST" and "ALL-STARS" programs begin at YES and YMS today. These six-week summer programs are an extension of our "after-school programs" that run during the regular school year. 3) Summer School is also up and running at the Enrichment Center this month. 4) June 11-15 will be our week-long "Summer Learning Academies" from 12:30-3:30 at YMS. We have approximately 38 students from grades 2-8 signed up for various activities provided by some of our teachers. 5) Two preschool classes also start this week, and run through the month of June. Tuesday and Thursday mornings we have children with special ed needs who have been to preschool, and will return to preschool in August. Wednesday mornings we have children in special ed who will be transitioning from home based services to preschool for the first time in August. 6) Last but not least, York Public Schools will celebrate its 141st birthday on June 14th.